Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Welcome to Math 101 and spring semester 2018!

I've created this blog as a resource for you.  

Don't worry, this isn't something you have to check all the time or anything.  It's actually something I'll be using in class to share images and videos and links, and then it will just be here for you if you'd like to look back at it.

VERY IMPORTANT: As well as the textbook Mathematics: A Practical Odyssey 7th edition by Johnson and Mowry, you also need to purchase an "Extended Syllabus" for this class. It is basically a workbook, and about half of your homework will come from it. It can only be found in the MJC bookstore and has a cost of $3 or less.  (You do not need an online access code; there will be no online homework.)

I look forward to a good semester with you!